I have been an active participant in life, and have been living my daydreams since 1987.

I have been formally educated in Linguistics. I am currently the co-owner of the Great Divide Cafe in Silverton, CO, and have also been a cook, a barista, a tutor, a urban farmer, a coffee roaster, a semi-professional soccer player, a writer, a sales associate, a photographer, a radio DJ and most of all an adventurer. This website is dedicated to sharing my experiences with you in the best possible way I can.

-Jordan Bierma-

Feel free to contact me at:

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  1. Brent Moore.

    I got your info from Tracy who is my vendor contact with Vail Mountain Toasters. I work at a little restaurant in Littleton CO. My family and I are leaving tomorrow to head to Swaziland in South Africa and I told Tracy about it and that is how I am talking to you. This is a great blog about your life. I hope that my family and kids can began to see things from a different perspective as well. Thanks for your time. And may God continue to bless you in your travels.

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